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Review: The Biker’s Guide to Business

Sure,  management consultant and avid motorcyclist Dwain DeVille could have delivered a book with lots of worksheets and case studies to walk a business owner through the difficult process of strategic planning. Thankfully he approached the subject from his own hard-won experience with entrepreneurial road rash and used motorcycling metaphors ... Read More »

Mark Twain, The First Blogger?

Tamela Rich & bust of Mark Twain in Hannibal, MO 2010

I totally understand Twain's decision to dictate his story, mostly from his bed in the four years before his death at age 74. He argued that speaking his recollections and opinions, rather than writing them down, allowed him to adopt a more natural, colloquial and frank tone, and Twain scholars who have seen the manuscript agree. Read More »

March Book Lust

Big news: I’m writing a book with Matt Davio called Tradeoffs: Leveraging the Longs & Shorts of Life. We’ll use the language and practices of those who trade for a living to frame life’s tradeoffs: time for money,  freedom for convention,  risk for reward, and money for goods and services. In ... Read More »

February Book Lust

No, the Birthday Fairy didn’t bring me a Nook last month, but now I wonder if I should hold out for an iPad. Your suggestions? BUT WAIT! This just in! Apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t know you could download the Kindle software to a PC and start ... Read More »

January Book Lust

This month we have a fiction entry in Book Lust by writer Barrie Abalard, who reviews the latest book in the series that inspired the Golden Globe winning “Dexter” TV series. Want to review a book for February? Please let me know. In the continuing discussion about e-readers I asked ... Read More »

December Book Lust

On a sad reading note, I opened this month’s “Fortune Small Business” to learn it was the last.  RIP to a great publication I’ve been reading on dead trees for years. Maybe earlier adaptation of e-readers would have saved it. On that e-reader note, which do you prefer, Nook or ... Read More »

November Book Lust

Spent some time in a REAL bookstore last week.  I’m daydreaming of a Nook… Connected: The Surprising Power of Networks and How They Shape Our Lives This looks particularly intelligent.  Here’s a PDF excerpt. Publishers Weekly says: Harvard professor and health care policy specialist Christakis (Death Foretold: Prophecy and Prognosis ... Read More »

October Book Lust

This month's Book Lust column has guest reviews by a couple of StockTwits friends on financial matters as well as a review of Harvard professor Sander's book on Justice, which I originally heard about on the Diane Rheme Show. Buddha's Brain combines two of my favorite subjects while two other books address the current economic crisis. Please submit your suggestions for November's column. Read More »

September Book Lust

If you’ve read any of these, please write your thoughts/a review.  Here’s what’s on my radar. Shop Class as Soulcraft byMatthew B. Crawford Philosopher and motorcycle mechanic Crawford presents a fascinating, important analysis of the value of hard work and manufacturing. He reminds readers that in the 1990s vocational education ... Read More »

August Book Lust

I want to read (but haven't yet) these four books: The Myth of the Rational Market, The Ascent of Money, Guts: Combat, Hellraising, Cancer, Business Startups and Undying Love, and Habit. Please write a review or give me a thumbs up/down on these four if you read them already. Read More »