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Praise from Author Clients

I was quite naive when I thought my book was finished prior to handing it over to my wonderful editor Tamela Rich. She helped me organize the manuscript in its present form, then brought together a great team to make a good book great!
Brian Shannon
Brian Shannon
Tamela made the editing process a thousand times more fun than when I was sitting solo in front of my computer. She took my 120k word manuscript and shortened it, rearranged it, asked me probing questions to make me remember and write more detail on the case studies.
Sheila Kilbane

Working alongside (our) authors, Tamela was able to shape their draft into a cohesive manuscript that exceeded our expectations as the publisher. She has a great talent for being able to assess the thesis of a project, pull together the existing piece s of the work, and work with others to craft a strong narrative. Tamela is an excellent communicator, and always delivers work on time and in scope. Her enthusiasm for the projects on which she is collaborating is infectious.

Andrea Fleck-Nisbet
Founding vice president and publisher at Harper Horizon

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