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January Book Lust

This month we have a fiction entry in Book Lust by writer Barrie Abalard, who reviews the latest book in the series that inspired the Golden Globe winning "Dexter" TV series.

December Book Lust

On a sad reading note, I opened this month's "Fortune Small Business" to learn it was the last.  RIP to a great publication I've been reading on dead trees for years. Maybe earlier adaptation of e-readers would have saved it. On that e-reader note, which do you prefer, Nook or Kindle? With my birthday coming up in January I'll graciously accept either -- and you don't even have to wrap it. Making it easy for you, dear readers!

Old Age in America

My dear friend is going through end-of-life issues with her parents. Below I've pasted a missive she sent to me from her childhood home, where she's been helping out after her father collapsed.

August Book Lust

I want to read (but haven't yet) these four books: The Myth of the Rational Market, The Ascent of Money, Guts: Combat, Hellraising, Cancer, Business Startups and Undying Love, and Habit. Please write a review or give me a thumbs up/down on these four if you read them already.