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Wyoming Writing Retreat May 18-24, 2014

Writers Retreat in Wyoming with Tamela Rich

Come spend a week with me in beautiful Greybull,Wyoming I’ll help you meet your writing/content goals Perhaps you’ve considered a writing retreat or conference to help move your pet project over the finish line or to improve your writing skills. A retreat is a “retreat from the world” that allows you …

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Troubadours in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Randy and Wormz by their conversion van

Thermopolis, Wyoming reminds me that we all need a steam valve. Basically, that’s what Thermopolis is—North America’s steam valve. Its the world’s largest mineral spring, to boot. I stayed at the Fountain of Youth campground, which  has its own “Sacajawea hot spring,” named after  the woman who led Lewis & Clark to the …

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Middle Aged Motorcycling Urges

Biker Bunnies with my bike in Lava Hot Springs

I remember the day I became an “Idaho Biker Bunny.” I was in line at a Wyoming Taco Bell with four other Conga riders from Idaho, whom I met in 2010 on my first road trip. They agreed to escort me from Cheyenne through their beautiful state all the way …

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Yellowstone Wildlife go with the Flow

massive bull bison yellowstone

Being in Yellowstone is sort of like being in Jurassic Park to me, for two reasons: first are the exotic species that don’t live back east, and second because they own the park. We are the visitors on their turf and the Park Service is relentless in reminding us of …

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Celebrating Outlaws

Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum

There’s a pervasive spirit out west that celebrates and immortalizes its scofflaws and outlaws. Josie Morris, a cattle rustler and bootlegger, is even immortalized at Dinosaur National Monument, where her cabin is an interpretive site. I visited the Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum in Rawlins on a recommendation from Roadside America, which …

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Speeding to Cheyenne

I’ve already illustrated my tendency to linger (here’s a story about being in the Teton National Forest long after dark) but whether on or off the road, I’m still working on my time management skills. It may be a lifelong project. Driving fatigued After a morning visiting Devil’s Tower during my first solo trip …

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Tetons at Night, Keep Your Focus

hot springs in Thermopolis

I must confess that I am a lingerer. I linger with friends, with that interesting person over a cuppa, with that play of sunlight over the river. Because I am a lingerer, I have to pay the consequences of time running short, even in midsummer. Leaving Greybull, Wyoming, where good …

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Artists have to Eat

Mid-July, I stepped into the Greybull, Wyoming post office to ship home the miscellany I’d collected from the places I’d visited over the prior six weeks. The air conditioning, set at a refreshing, not freezing, temperature lulled me to pause and take in my surroundings. I should do that more …

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Looking for the Devil’s Toenails in Wyoming

When you think of vacationing in Wyoming, your first thought is probably Yellowstone and Tetons National Parks. I want to entice you to Greybull, just 140 miles east of Yellowstone. If you’re a motorcyclist like I am, I’ll encourage you to take the Chief Joseph Highway and get there in …

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Preview of “Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons from Friends Who Faced Cancer”

Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer should be off the printing press in January, 2012. Here’s a preview of the cover, introduction and first chapter…just scroll through. Intro and First Chapter of Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer by Tamela Rich After …

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