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Lessons from the Road

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Helmet time often produces deep thought. On my motorcycle for 40 days this summer, I had a lot of helmet time. Among other things, I pondered relationships, physics, environmental economics, disease, mortality and the direction I want to take my life. Fear as a ... Read More »

Gotta Watchit

PBS is airing a great series called Mind Over Money. In the aftermath of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, NOVA presents “Mind Over Money”—an entertaining and penetrating exploration of why mainstream economists failed to predict the crash of 2008 and why we so often make irrational financial ... Read More »

Home Office Design Tips — From a Financial Advisor?

With financial reform and the worldwide economic meltdown on most everyone’s mind, sending a newsletter with fluff like this makes me question whether this advisor is in the loop or out to lunch. C’mon, talk to me about something you’re a credentialed expert in! Read More »

Gotta Love

Financial pros and self-directed investors alike appreciate the work that Michelle Leder at does speaking truth about powerful businesses and the people they overpay to run them. Good to know someone’s on the job ferreting out the things companies try to bury in their routine SEC filings. Ms Leder ... Read More »

February Book Lust

No, the Birthday Fairy didn’t bring me a Nook last month, but now I wonder if I should hold out for an iPad. Your suggestions? BUT WAIT! This just in! Apparently I’m not the only one who didn’t know you could download the Kindle software to a PC and start ... Read More »

PIMCO’s Ring of Fire

Scroll down for writing prompts, bloggers & newsletter writers. In my occasional series of publicly (and respectfully) editing business writing, this time I offer unsolicited advice to PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm, which publishes respected and widely-read newsletters. Today I read  The Ring of Fire, written Mr William ... Read More »

January Book Lust

This month we have a fiction entry in Book Lust by writer Barrie Abalard, who reviews the latest book in the series that inspired the Golden Globe winning “Dexter” TV series. Want to review a book for February? Please let me know. In the continuing discussion about e-readers I asked ... Read More »

Repaying the Debt with Alchemy/Science

John Hodgman has quite a gig going with his “You’re Welcome” series on The Daily Show. This one’s terrific — our debt ceiling is now a “debt convertible.” “Also like a convertible our economy is expensive, impractical and only seats a couple of wealthy jerks.” Stewart asks Hodgman what we ... Read More »

December Book Lust

On a sad reading note, I opened this month’s “Fortune Small Business” to learn it was the last.  RIP to a great publication I’ve been reading on dead trees for years. Maybe earlier adaptation of e-readers would have saved it. On that e-reader note, which do you prefer, Nook or ... Read More »

Editing the Fed

I’ve been so bold as to edit Prince Charles and the pope, so why not the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank? Consider the Fed’s analysis of Canadian vs. American housing and lending trends. Why Canada might be “a country that got things right” The report led off well enough: Housing markets ... Read More »