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These posts are stronger stuff than “musings,” but never fear, nothing mean spirited.

Runnin’ Shotgun with Dad and a CB Radio

President Carter with the 55mph sign

Podcast: Play in new window | Download We took a road trip from Ohio every two or three years in our Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser  to visit family in California. Hauling three kids some 3,000 miles in close quarters with a weak air conditioner might make the heartiest parent shudder, but not mine. Parents ... Read More »

Planning a Family Vacation Road Trip? Here’s My Advice

Independence Day Cookies Billings, MT

July is prime family vacation and road trip season. I’m a people watcher, and since I am often alone on the road I get plenty of opportunities to observe families on vacation. Eavesdropping on conversations, I notice that the destination and the amount of money parents spend on their vacations has ... Read More »

Embrace Mindful Minimalism? Try Downsizing, Then We’ll Talk

picture of a child's mother's day card

I must’ve gotten too smug about downsizing to mindful minimalism. Living off the back of a motorcycle for weeks at a time taught me to embrace mindful minimalism— I even facilitate a Mindful Minimalism workshop—but I had no idea that the process of downsizing would take such a toll. Tamela, you silly goose, living ... Read More »

Why I’m Leaving Facebook

Do you find yourself growing weary of Facebook? Weary of the ever-changing privacy landscape? Yeah, me too. I’ve never hung out my shingle as a social media expert, but I am a member of Charlotte’s Social Media Club so that I can rub shoulders with those who are. Like a ... Read More »

My Breast Cancer Advocacy Focus: A Big Shift

I never set out to be a breast cancer advocate. Two years ago I was looking for a good cause to align with, as I set out on a cross-country motorcycle trip. When I asked people for suggestions, breast cancer of course came up, but it wasn’t my first choice ... Read More »

Breast Cancer,Inc.: Breast Cancer as an Industry

Since my involvement with breast cancer causes, I’ve become acutely aware of the commercialization of the disease. Looks like this filmmaker is ahead of me.   I see that the film will be shown in Richmond, VA on 2/10/12.  My mother-in-law, whose breast cancer metastasized into bone cancer, is buried there. I’m inclined ... Read More »

Dan Ariely 3 of 3: Trust and Healthcare Reform

In the first of this three-post series I offered a sound file of Dan talking about the limits of rationality when devising and regulating public services. In the second, we explored how  Treasury’s un-trustworthiness dealing with TARP and the financial meltdown has led to social anxiety and depression. While writing ... Read More »

Dan Ariely 2of 3: Trust and the Meltdown

Last week I set the foundation for today’s installment, complete with a sound file of bestselling author Dan Ariely’s talk to our Business School Alliance in Charlotte. This post will make the most sense to those who read that first. New insights on the meltdown The 2nd edition of Ariely’s ... Read More »

Dan Ariely 1 of 3: Trust, Revenge & Financial Reform

Bestselling author Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at Duke, made a special appearance in Charlotte for our Business School Alliance last week. Ariely's book, Predictably Irrational, just went into a second edition and -- holy cow-- is still in hardcover. I'll write about his visit in this and two other posts this week. Here's what's in the new edition: Read More »

Dwight’s Death

Dwight was new to my small business, but had worked for a similar company doing the kind of work we did and he was good at it.  He’d been with me about a month when he asked for an aspirin to suck on.  He had a bad tooth and his ... Read More »