Here I tell Good Day Charlotte why autumn is a great time to learn to ride a motorcycle

If you’ve been thinking “I need to learn how to ride a motorcycle,” autumn is the perfect season to do so. Why?

Reason #1: Perfect Weather

As I told Good Day Charlotte, the weather is perfect now (at least in the temperate zones like Charlotte, North Carolina). You’ll be able to concentrate on what you’re doing instead of panting in the heat and humidity.

Reason #2: Plentiful Classes

Motorcycle training courses are available every weekend through mid-December in the Charlotte area. If you pass one of these classes, you won’t have to take a riding test to get your motorcycle endorsement; just go to the DMV, pass the written portion and you’re legal! Other states’ requirements vary.

CPCC Motorcycle Licensing Classes tuition $205 available nearly every weekend from  9/16/15 through 12/16/15. Classes will fill up, so register ASAP. CPCC provides the motorcycle but you must provide your own helmet and safety gear. Some of these courses are held at the BMW-Triumph-Ducati dealership on Westinghouse Rd. 

Harley-Davidson of Charlotte offers Licensing courses tuition $275 with classes available most weekends 9/24/15 to 12/10/15.

This is not to say you’ll be a great rider, you won’t. Even professional riders take classes and clinics. You’ll need to practice in large open areas like parking lots.

I recommend taking advanced riding courses like the one I took at the BMW Performance Center and MotorMark1. You can never get too much coaching and practice.

Reason #3: Deals, deals, deals

There are financial reasons to learn to ride a motorcycle now as well. First, if you end up buying a motorcycle, chances are you’ll get a good deal on it at the end of the season. Same with motorcycle riding gear.

And while we’re talking about gear, you only have one brain, two eyes, two knees and ten fingers…protect them like the precious assets they are!

My friend Joanne Donn a/k/a GearChic has a blog dedicated to finding motorcycle gear that fits women—of all shapes and sizes. I never make a gear purchase without consulting her—and her advice is free!

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you learn to ride a motorcycle. It’s the BEST way to see the world!