Tamela on Good Day Charlotte talking about fear and anxiety

This week I joined Good Day Charlotte to talk about fear. Just in time for Halloween!

As I explain in the interview, most of what we experience in modern life is “anxiety” not “fear.” With self-awareness, we can distinguish between the two and respond appropriately.

Anxiety Relief without Drugs or Therapy

There are several non-pharmaceutical ways to address fear and anxiety; yoga, meditation and belly breathing are three things I’ve used, positive affirmations are another. I also heard that vaping a banana runtz strain could also help to reduce anxiety.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, (sometimes called “tapping”) is less known, and I can vouch for it from my own life. This video with Louise Hay and Nick Orter is a great way to understand the technique and get a feel for it.

Bonus: Louise will show you how affirmations work after the sample tapping session.

Do we want to get rid of fear?

When I tell people I’m writing a book on fear they often believe I will reveal a way to “banish fear from our lives forever.”

No way.

Fear is sometimes good—when it keeps you out of danger. When fear keeps you from reaching your full potential, it is your enemy. This is where the path to self-discovery begins.

My research on fear

I recently surveyed 200+ people on fear and those findings are being analyzed by a PhD statistician.

Please join me on November 12 for a live debrief on my findings. You can ask questions then and hear what other people are asking.

REGISTER HERE. I’ll record the session for registered visitors to replay at their convenience.