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A Child Bride’s 30th Wedding Anniversary

Me and Matt at Yellowstone National Park circa 2012

My odometer hasn't turned over in eight weeks.

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Runnin’ Shotgun with Dad and a CB Radio

the national 55 mph speed limit kicked up a rebellious streak in Americans and started a CB radio craze

In preparation for our bi-annual road trip, Dad installed a mobile CB unit in the station wagon and everyone in the family chose their "handles," which was sort of like choosing your Twitter name today.

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Planning a Family Vacation Road Trip? Here’s My Advice

Independence Day Cookies Billings, MT

July is prime family vacation and road trip season. I'm a people watcher, and since I am often alone on the road I get plenty of opportunities to observe families on vacation.

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Embrace Mindful Minimalism? Try Downsizing, Then We’ll Talk

picture of a child's mother's day card

I must've gotten too smug about downsizing to mindful minimalism.

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My Breast Cancer Advocacy Focus: A Big Shift

I never set out to be a breast cancer advocate.

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Breast Cancer,Inc.: Breast Cancer as an Industry

Since my involvement with breast cancer causes, I've become acutely aware of the commercialization of the disease. Looks like this filmmaker is ahead of me.

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Dan Ariely 3 of 3: Trust and Healthcare Reform

In the first of this three-post series I offered a sound file of Dan talking about the limits of rationality when devising and regulating public services.

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Dan Ariely 2of 3: Trust and the Meltdown

Last week I set the foundation for today's installment, complete with a sound file of bestselling author Dan Ariely's talk to our Business School Alliance in Charlotte. This post will make the most sense to those who read that first.

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Dan Ariely 1 of 3: Trust, Revenge & Financial Reform

Bestselling author Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at Duke, made a special appearance in Charlotte for our Business School Alliance last week. Ariely's book, Predictably Irrational, just went into a second edition and -- holy cow-- is still in hardcover. I'll write about his visit in this and two other posts this week. Here's what's in the new edition:

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Dwight’s Death

Dwight was new to my small business, but had worked for a similar company doing the kind of work we did and he was good at it.  He’d been with me about a month when he asked for an aspirin to suck on.  He had a bad tooth and his dental appointment, at a public clinic for the poor and un-insured, was weeks away.  Unlike many of his co-workers, Dwight’s tooth didn’t get in the way of a good day’s work.

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