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Kansas and Thoughts on Boredom

Why are we obsessed with being entertained? G.K. Chesterton said, "There are no dreary sights; there are only dreary sight seers.” I wonder if he had Kansas critics in mind.

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Corn Palace and Creativity

Mitchell Corn Palace humor

It’s an ingenious concept really. Imagine a game show that challenges contestants to use make scenes from twelve colors of corn.

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Elvis and Judging

She remembered skinny, sexy Elvis and I remembered paunchy Elvis in the jumpsuit and cape who starred in campy movies. Hearing him sing those spiritual songs was a chance to reconsider someone I thought I’d known.

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Saskatchewan, Physics and Love

Before the end of the first week on my first cross-country camping trip, my bike tipped over twice. It took me 6000 miles and two windshields to learn how to pack.

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Coyotes and Snap Judgments

Just as we were loading out, the llama went into his guard mode, stamping and making a sound that I can't describe (but which you can hear on the podcast -- just hit the button). Coyote alert!

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Canadian Inukshuit

Many of them resembled human figures, and although I had no idea of their significance, they gave me the sense that I was part of an infinite whole, transcending the limits of time.

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The Buffalo Zookeeper

I couldn’t get enough of the retired zookeeper's stories about spitting snakes and reluctant-to-mate primates; one of my childhood fantasies was zookeeping!

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The Needles Highway and Unconventional Thinking

These are the "needles" in the needles highway

Imagine being in a forest of sewing needles soaring thousands of feet above your head. You'd feel like a “Who” in Dr. Seuss’s classic book "Horton Hears A Who," wouldn't you?

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The Goodwill of Strangers

A sudden storm kicked up and I found myself in a flooded tent

Who needs a rainfly if you spray waterproofing stuff on your tent? As Pippin said in The Hobbit, “Short cuts make long delays.”

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The Banjo and Unlearning

One of the many cases with priceless banjos

My grandparents loved Bluegrass music & "Hee Haw." The Blue Ridge Music Center taught me to appreciate the music that I thought was so unhip while growing up.

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