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Tuscany Italy by Motorcycle: San Gimignano

werewolf at the torture museum

I awake on the third day of my tour in a 17th-century country house and it occurs to me that human beings have been conceived, born, lived, and died in this very room for over 400 years. The walls are freshly-painted plaster, their yellow hue the perfect shade for the faint early morning …

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Driving a Motorcycle in Rome: My Surprising Experience

Huge motorcycle parking lot Siena

I’ve been chasing an Italian man riding a BMW GS Wasserboxer  motorcycle for the last six days through Lazio, Tuscany, and Umbria. Tomorrow we’ll be back to Rome, where the entire adventure began. My husband fully approves. We have an understanding. Rome traffic and the social contract On the first day …

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My TEDx Talk with Neale Bayly: Chance Encounters

Neale Bayly and Tamela Rich at TEDx Charlotte 2-2014

When the organizers of TEDx Charlotte gave me and my friend Neale Bayly the opportunity to talk about the role that chance encounters have played in our lives we jumped right in. Both Neale and I are motorcyclists but we’re full of contrasts: he’s male, I’m female; he’s been riding …

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It’s Never Too Late!

Shirly learned to ride a motorcycle in her 70's! Isn't she radiant?

Earlier this week I talked about relaunching your life and blowing out the cobwebs. If you think I was talking to someone younger than you, I’m going to introduce you to someone who will inspire you to think differently. Meet my friend Shirly, from southern Idaho. I met her in …

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Take a Chance

Baha'i Temple in Wilmette IL

Although I’ve been a declared Baha’i since 1990, it took my first cross-country motorcycle trip in 2010 to bring me to the Baha’i House of Worship, situated on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan in Wilmette, Illinois. I caught my first glimpse of its lacy dome over the treetops as I …

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San Francisco Motorcycle Club & Stereotypes

I visited the San Francisco Motorcycle Club (SFMC) when passing through the city on one of my cross-country fundraisers for breast cancer. The moment you read “motorcycle club” your gut probably had a reaction. We’ll circle back to that in a minute. Members invited me and my fellow Conga riders …

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The Blue Ridge Parkway: America’s Favorite Drive

Tamela Rich's motorcycle on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Quick! Of all the sites administered by the US National Park System, which one is the most visited? The Grand Canyon? Yosemite? Yellowstone? No, think east, not west, dear Reader. The correct answer? The Blue Ridge Parkway, a two-lane ribbon of road connecting North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains and Virginia’s …

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Preview of “Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons from Friends Who Faced Cancer”

Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer should be off the printing press in January, 2012. Here’s a preview of the cover, introduction and first chapter…just scroll through. Intro and First Chapter of Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer by Tamela Rich After …

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San Francisco Meetup!

According to Christina Shook, “San Francisco is the American epicenter of female motorcyclists.”  She should know — she lives there and based her book, Chicks on Bikes, on women cyclists in the area. Let’s get together I’ll be there Thursday, 6/30for a meetup with the San Francisco Motorcycle Club and …

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Kickstands UP 2011

This year’s road trip across the US and Canada begins at Motorcycles of Charlotte on Saturday, June 18. After 9:00 coffee and danish/donuts courtesy of the dealership, we’ll leave in the 10:00 hour for Robbinsville, NC. Super slab is I-85 to 74 to 26 and at just about Hendersonville, NC …

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