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Connect Deep

The people and places I’ve encountered on my travels have taught me the importance of connecting with the natural world and to other people in ways that have made me more human and humane.

The Power of Tribe

Battle Rock

Yesterday I told a story of bravado. I thought I could take my fully-loaded motorcycle a gravel road down to the beach at Port Orford, Oregon for the glory of a bragging rights photo of my front tire in the Pacific Ocean. You’ll remember that I mentioned a cool outcropping of volcanic …

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Cocksure in Port Orford

Port Orford's Battle Rock

No matter what your field of endeavor, there’s always someone to look up to. I lurk on an online forum of adventure motorcycle riders called Adventure Rider (ADV Rider). By “lurking” I mean I mostly just drool over what the big league riders do on two wheels. Seriously, before you …

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Glacier, Montana and the Kindness of Strangers

My favorite national park so far is Glacier, in Montana, which I visited in 2011. I camped at the KOA in Saint Mary, but splurged on lunch at the Izaac Walton Inn & Resort. I’d love to travel with my non-motorcycling family via Amtrak there — the resort is right on the train line. …

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Slipping, Sliding and Sticking

Last week I talked about riding to Jackson Hole through the Tetons National Forest. After the tarmac abruptly ended, I traveled on ten miles of the slick substrate. Here are two lessons I learned about riding a motorcycle in slop that also apply to life First, stay above it all. …

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San Francisco Motorcycle Club & Stereotypes

I visited the San Francisco Motorcycle Club (SFMC) when passing through the city on one of my cross-country fundraisers for breast cancer. The moment you read “motorcycle club” your gut probably had a reaction. We’ll circle back to that in a minute. Members invited me and my fellow Conga riders …

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Native Burial Mounds

ariel view of the Newark Earthworks mound

Looking at the Pharr Mounds on the Natchez Trace Parkway, I couldn’t help but compare them to the prehistoric earthworks in my hometown, Newark, Ohio. Built over 2000 years ago by the Hopewell tribe, the Newark Earthworks are the largest set of geometric earthen enclosures in the world. In the …

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Tender Lovin’ Care from “Squirrel Man”

Squirrels at Brookgreen Gardens

Midsummer in Mississippi isn’t nearly as refreshing as a steam bath.  The air is downright stagnate. Our motorcycles produced a bit of current as we lulled along the Natchez Trace Parkway at the legal 50mph speed limit, which is not sufficient to bring up a cooling breeze in those conditions, …

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A Throng of Sunflowers facing Mecca

field of sunflowers

Yesterday I wrote about traveler-maligned Kansas, and the rewards of exploring her history and meeting her people, rather than high-tailing it through the state en route elsewhere. Even if you’re a high-tailer, when traveling through the state in the summer, you’ll pass through acres of sunflowers. They act as a …

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Life is on the Wire

I had remembered Niagara Falls from 1980 as a down-at-heel tourist trap, but in 2012 I found it to be a vibrant city full of international visitors. People were still buzzing about Nik Wallenda’s high wire crossing of the Falls from Goat Island (New York) to Table Rock (Ontario) the …

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Elvis and Judging

The Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel, is part of Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi. I visited with my friend K and a couple of other bikers we met at a scenic overlook on the Natchez Trace Parkway about an hour away. The Chapel had the requisite stained glass windows, pews and …

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