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Connect Deep

The people and places I’ve encountered on my travels have taught me the importance of connecting with the natural world and to other people in ways that have made me more human and humane.

Saskatchewan, Physics and Love

Before the end of the first week on my first cross-country camping trip, my bike tipped over twice. It took me 6000 miles and two windshields to learn how to pack.

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Coyotes and Snap Judgments

Just as we were loading out, the llama went into his guard mode, stamping and making a sound that I can't describe (but which you can hear on the podcast -- just hit the button). Coyote alert!

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The Buffalo Zookeeper

I couldn’t get enough of the retired zookeeper's stories about spitting snakes and reluctant-to-mate primates; one of my childhood fantasies was zookeeping!

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The Needles Highway and Unconventional Thinking

These are the "needles" in the needles highway

Imagine being in a forest of sewing needles soaring thousands of feet above your head. You'd feel like a “Who” in Dr. Seuss’s classic book "Horton Hears A Who," wouldn't you?

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The Goodwill of Strangers

A sudden storm kicked up and I found myself in a flooded tent

Who needs a rainfly if you spray waterproofing stuff on your tent? As Pippin said in The Hobbit, “Short cuts make long delays.”

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The Banjo and Unlearning

One of the many cases with priceless banjos

My grandparents loved Bluegrass music & "Hee Haw." The Blue Ridge Music Center taught me to appreciate the music that I thought was so unhip while growing up.

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Learning to Listen

When someone hits a rough patch in life, it's difficult to know what you should say, or if you should just keep your mouth shut. Here's advice from a widower.

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Who’s Sitting on Your Shoulder?

Navigating an unfamiliar and dynamic traffic pattern with a thousand other vehicles, Jiminy screeched, “Why didn’t you pull over?”

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The Reset Button

What might look like stepping out into nowhere to one might look like a leap of faith to another. Take a leap and watch what happens!

New Year’s Day is a great day for pushing your life’s reset button, and this series is designed to support you, using what I've learned from my own life reset.

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Lessons from the Road

Helmet time often produces deep thought. On my motorcycle for 40 days this summer, I had a lot of helmet time.

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