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January Book Lust

This month we have a fiction entry in Book Lust by writer Barrie Abalard, who reviews the latest book in the series that inspired the Golden Globe winning "Dexter" TV series.

October Book Lust

This month's Book Lust column has guest reviews by a couple of StockTwits friends on financial matters as well as a review of Harvard professor Sander's book on Justice, which I originally heard about on the Diane Rheme Show. Buddha's Brain combines two of my favorite subjects while two other books address the current economic crisis. Please submit your suggestions for November's column.

August Book Lust

I want to read (but haven't yet) these four books: The Myth of the Rational Market, The Ascent of Money, Guts: Combat, Hellraising, Cancer, Business Startups and Undying Love, and Habit. Please write a review or give me a thumbs up/down on these four if you read them already.