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Next Q: Online/Offline

Continuing the series of Q&A: What goes online and in print varies from a person to person and must align with industry norms. For example, when I ran an environmental contracting business my market was general contractors with public-bid jobs. Contractors are low-tech, and expect bids to be FAXED, not emailed. Most of them have Yahoo or Hotmail accounts and a LIGHT web presence if any.

Next Q: Personal vs Professional Blog?

Let's say you're a baseball card collector, you love all things about the sport but your paid work is interior design. How to get into the new media groove? You might talk about the parallels between project management and third base coaching or dealing with a difficult customer with a personality like Ty Cobb's. This makes you a REAL PERSON, infuses warmth into your posts and will probably garner you a following of other baseball lovers. Wow, imagine having a client roster full of other people who love the game -- that's the potential of your new media voice.

Into the Ditch

woman with binoculars
But it swerved into the ditch when it ran stories on a Hollywood actress, why Americans go to movies in a recession, and worldwide beach vacation spots.