I was surprised how easily I got from Valparaiso, IN to the BMW dealership in Chicago, where they did the bike’s first service and installed a windshield.

The weather is marvelous and I’m enjoying the time with traders, especially Brian Cavanaugh and Eric Schoefernacker, who both had seats at CME Group. Brian and Eric kindly played tour guides for me and I’m fortunate because they so clearly love the Windy City (more vids on that in a later post).

Here I am on the front steps with Chicago trader Brian Cavanaugh talking about the jam-packed schedule from the day before at the CME and Columbia Yacht Club. We also talk about the valet parking mafia and other little incidentals…

Thanks to the Cavanaugh family for their hospitality. Shortly after recording this I headed up the road to the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL. More on that later.

Chicago visit 6/29-7/1/10.