The closest I've ever come to Wisconsin is Laverne & Shirley.

Recap Wonderful Wisconsin

The closest I’ve ever come to Wisconsin is Laverne & Shirley.

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, Bethany Wise of Kenosha took a shine to my trip and invited me up to see the sights. She met me on her motorcycle at the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL and we rode to her hometown via Sheradin Road—my favorite ride so far, believe it or not. Lots of charming postcard villages, cute kids walking dogs, and a group of elderly bicyclists could have made a movie backdrop for what’s called “simpler times.”

If it weren’t for the winters, I’d move to Kenosha! Fabulous people and a community that embraces the arts. I did more in 12 hours there than I’ve done in a week visiting other places!  I’ll work with Andy Ciordia to make a new video with highlights from this visit—so much to work from!

Thanks to Kenosha residents for pitching in $160 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. YOU ROCK!

Departed 7/2 for La Crosse.

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  1. So great to hear you're having a good time and that everything is going smoothly. 🙂 I mailed out your ribbons to the Holiday Inn, so when you check in, make sure to have the front desk get them for you. They should be there in plenty of time.

  2. Thanks! The first set you sent with me went within 5 minutes of my arrival in Cheyenne tonight!

  3. I shoulda guessed you'd bike right through Lake County, IL. Did you check out Ft. Sheridan at all? Spent a lot of time up there working on a documentary on the fort and its surrounding forest preserve!

  4. Tamela, thanks for taking us on your roadtrip with you.
    Sounds terriffic, keep up the miles and smiles :))
    Love you, Carola

  5. No, I didn't stop at Ft Sheridan, but I rode Sheridan through northern
    Chicago and into Kenosha. MY FAVORITE cityscape ride so far.

    Maybe next time the fort…

  6. Tamela, the video is a hoot. I'm in NY as I write, been thinking 'bout you lots, telling everyone to look for you on Face book, and send their support. I did truly have a blast meeting you and riding with you. Stay safe, and I'll keep checking in on you. <3 Bethany

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