From Cincinnati, OH to Valpraiso, IN, home of Indiana Grain. Stayed at the beautiful Aberdeen Inn.

Day 3: Cincinnati to Valpo

Monday, June 28 I rode by myself from Cincinnati OH to Valparaiso IN. A massive wind farm just after passing Purdue University shocked me by its very existence. A quick internet search told me it was the Meadow Lake Wind Farm with 121 turbines.  Glad someone is doing something green in this country!

From Cincinnati, OH to Valpraiso, IN, home of Indiana Grain. Stayed at the beautiful Aberdeen Inn.

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  1. Indeed. The windshield is gonna make a WORLD of difference. Without one, YOU are the windshield, and at 80mph, it's a chore.

  2. Way to go Tamela, I am enjoying your adventures with you! You are an inspiration and an example of courage to fight for life! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the support and RT, G! It means a lot to have you cheering me on.


  4. I am having such a wonderful time vicariously enjoying your journey. You're doing great! Let me know if you want or need anymore pink ribbon stickers. I can always send them to your next layover if you do. – stmudd (aka Ann)

  5. Thanks so much. I bet the other Conga riders would love the stickers. If
    you'd like, send a bunch ahead in my name to the Holiday Inn Cheyenne. I
    arrive 7/7.


  6. Sweet. I'll see if I can get those out today.

  7. Ann-Marie (aka stmudd)

    Just checking, there is a Holiday Inn regular and a Holiday Inn Express. Should I assume the regular hotel?

  8. Congratulations Tamela. Great seeing the video today and catching up on your site. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the rest of your adventure.

  9. yes, Ann-Marie, the “regular”!

  10. Should have given me a shout while in the Hoosier State. I have passed the Wind Farm several times, pretty impressive!
    Actually, Indiana is one of the largest corn growers, more specifically Popcorn! So the next time you settle in to watch a movie, more than likely, that white puffy snack came from Indiana!!

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