Here's my friend and TEDx co-presenter Neale Bayly

TheĀ first two Parts of this series are focused on round-the-world traveler and author Allan Karl’s adventures.

Neale Bayly, adventure motorcyclist and philanthropist

Neale is the founder and president of Wellspring International, a charity that supports orphaned children. Neale’s motorcycle adventure tours from around the world fund most of its operational costs. You may have seen his 2013 TV show, Neale Bayly Rides Peru, which aired on SPEED (now Fox Sports).

Neale calls himself a “high speed commuter” because, as an international moto-journalist, he flies around, rides a motorcycle around a track or a remote country, then shuttles back to tell the tale. If you’ve ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes story of what looks like a sexy career, you’ll want to listen to Neale tell all right here.

Allan Karl reveals more about his Bolivia trip than was included in his book, “Forks”

Allan then continues his world-traveling tale in Bolivia talking about being invited to a family birthday party, ending in a funny story about a road rally. This is a podcast exclusive, folks, not even told in his beautiful book, “Forks: A Quest for culture, Cuisine and Connection.”