Allan Karl and Neale Bayly, world travelers by motorcycle

By now, after three parts of our interview, you have fallen in love with world traveler Allan Karl, author of “Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection” and Neale Bayly, motorcycle philanthropist.

The re-entry zone: bittersweet feelings when a road trip draws to a close

Just as our podcast series comes to a close, every journey must also close. As a matter of fact I’m posting this just a day after returning from my travels through New England and New Brunswick. Being on the road for 25 days in late summer is a blessing for which I am grateful. Now it’s back to client business.

In this podcast, Allan, Neale and I talk about the re-entry zone: that mixed emotional state of happily anticipating the return home to family and friends while saying goodbye to the road. Allan finished his 62,000-mile adventure by traveling from Baltimore, Maryland to Southern California on the highways and byways. He tells a poignant story of a fellow traveler he met on the Blue Ride Parkway.

Neale and I chip in with reflections on “mindful minimalism.”

Good times.

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Here’s Part Three.