Allan Karl and Neale Bayly, world travelers by motorcycle

World Traveler-Author Allan Karl with Neale Bayly. Part Four of Four

By now, after three parts of our interview, you have fallen in love with world traveler Allan Karl, author of “Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection” and Neale Bayly, motorcycle philanthropist.

The re-entry zone: bittersweet feelings when a road trip draws to a close

Just as our podcast series comes to a close, every journey must also close. As a matter of fact I’m posting this just a day after returning from my travels through New England and New Brunswick. Being on the road for 25 days in late summer is a blessing for which I am grateful. Now it’s back to client business.

In this podcast, Allan, Neale and I talk about the re-entry zone: that mixed emotional state of happily anticipating the return home to family and friends while saying goodbye to the road. Allan finished his 62,000-mile adventure by traveling from Baltimore, Maryland to Southern California on the highways and byways. He tells a poignant story of a fellow traveler he met on the Blue Ride Parkway.

Neale and I chip in with reflections on “mindful minimalism.”

Good times.

You can catch Part One here.

Part Two is here.

Here’s Part Three.

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Author Tamela has extensively traveled the U.S. and Canada, delivering her message to Pack Light | Travel Slow | Connect Deep. Her keynotes and workshops include life lessons she has learned through chance encounters on the road.

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  1. What a wonderful series of podcasts! I have never met Mr. Karl but I know both Tamela and Neale. Both wonderful extremely talented people.

    Neale has put out some wonderful motorcycle-related articles for many years. However, his work with the children’s orphanage in Peru set this gentleman apart. What a wonderful heart and the willpower and skill sets to build something of real value beyond the world of motorcycles. A tip of the hat to him!

    Tamela I met maybe 4 or 5 years ago for the first time when she came into the dealership where I was employed. Having no motorcycle experience at all she was in the beginning stages of what would remarkably set her apart from most other women. Listening to her explain her goal of traveling across the United States on a motorcycle, her first motorcycle, she hadn’t even purchased yet I stood there thinking this is a pretty big step for someone who have never ridden before. And, she was a genuinely nice person. I still remember to this day thinking I sure hope she doesn’t get hurt.

    When she released her book Live Full Throttle I immediately picked up a copy. Not too big at maybe 100 pages or so if memory serves me correctly. I’m an avid reader but books tend not to be part of the mix due to time constraints. Anyway, I devoured this book in one sitting! Simply written but filled with so much meaning I can’t tell you how much it impressed me!

    Both Tamela and Neale continue to remind me of the kind of person I should strive to be. Two amazing individuals!

  2. Billy,

    I’ll always remember the evening I picked up my bike and you were there with your tools to get the mirrors angled and tightened. I could tell you were a bit nervous for me, but I appreciate the way you cheered me on and wished me well.

    I set out for Oregon the following morning and it obviously turned out pretty well for me!

    And what you say about Neale is spot on. I’m honored to call him my friend.

    Throttle up, my friend!

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