Write Your Book, Even if You Flunked English Class

I’ve been ghostwriting articles, newsletters and books for financial and business professionals since 2008. When I ran across this cartoon,  it resonated because many of my clients have laughingly said that their former English teachers would know their work had been ghostwritten. Never fear; I keep secrets.

If you believe you can’t write your book because you had lackluster grades in English class, I devised a series of workshops with you in mind.  “Kickstart Your Business Book” will play to your depth as a business professional, not try to remake you as a writer. Read on! (or download this). 

Kickstart Your Business Book

“Kickstart Your Business Book” is a hybrid of mastermind group and hands-on workshops in Charlotte, NC led by yours truly. Working with five other business professionals, you will finish the course with:

  • Defined business goals for your book.
  • An Ideal Reader Profile and set of Reader Objectives.
  • Key Messages, Themes and a “Voice” for your book.
  • A “Goldilocks Chapter” of your book, which is a template/sample chapter.
  • A detailed table of contents with which to begin writing the book by yourself or in collaboration with a professional writer.
  • A primer on copyright concerns.
  • Sufficient information necessary to:
    • Decide whether to seek a publisher or to publish independently.
    • Choose your book’s format and distribution channel(s).
    • Begin developing a marketing strategy for your book that could begin before the book is finished.
    • How to hire a team of professionals to help you finish your book.

Click here for a PDF of the details. 

The Fine Print

[help]Limited to six participants, and one has already paid in full, leaving five seats. Overflow will form a new group.

$950 tuition as follows:

  • At least $500 to confirm your seat. Since there are only six participants in this mastermind group, don’t delay. Overflow will form a new group.
  • Tuition must be paid inn full by 1/14/13.

All workshops will take place at SPARK Publications office in Mathews, NC from 9-12am. The feedback sessions on 2/19/13 will be scheduled individually and will also be held at SPARK’s office.

No rain checks on missed sessions. I’m available for 1:1 sessions at $95/hour. [/help] [tip]To reserve your seat, send me your contact information along with a check for $950 to: Minerva Holdings, Inc.  PO Box 44325, Charlotte, NC 28215

Or pay with PayPal: 


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