The Three Fates form the basis of the additional exercises in The Full Throttle Companion Guide

A year ago Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer made its debut and has since won two national book awards.  When you said “It’s too pretty to write in” I decided to write a Companion Guide to the book and publish it in black and white  — that should  remove any obstacle to working through the exercises that follow each chapter.

You can keep reading or just hop over to Amazon and buy the guide. It’s only $5 for 60 pages of exercises and journaling space.

What’s in the Companion Guide?

Yes, all the exercises from Live Full Throttle are there in the Companion Guide, in addition to a set of “capstone exercises” that occurred to me over the year I’ve been touring with the book. See the photo at the top of this page? Those are the three Fates, mythological beings whom ancient cultures believed could decide when we’d be born, how long we’d live, and how and when we’d meet our deaths. The capstone exercises are inspired by The Fates.

Nearly all ancient cultures have a version of the three mythological Fates who spin, measure and cut each life’s thread. They are usually portrayed as weavers and we unknowingly refer to them when we say “it was bound to happen.”

The concept of a “fairy godmother” is  related to The Fates, since after all, if your time is already measured, your godmother hovers over you to make sure it cannot be cut short.

Please tell me how the Companion Guide affects your road to a better life. I enjoy hearing from you.