My dad on his BMW K bike in Colorado

Mid-February I’ll be in Las Vegas spending time with family and bikers (in my dad’s case, that’s an overlap!).

If you are anywhere in the Las Vegas area please look me up:

  • Women in the Wind Winter Ride In 2/16-19
  • BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas  2/17/12 at 5pm
  • RideNow Powersports on Boulder 2/18/12 at 9am (including breakfast!)

My friend and Live Full Throttle collaborator, Christina Shook, will join me for a private signing event Sunday. This will give us a chance to practice our delivery for future events, including (we hope) the AMA Women in Motorcycling Conference in Carson City this July.

If you’d like to sponsor a signing event or recommend a conference please get in touch.