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Speeding to Cheyenne

About 100 miles north of Cheyenne, I looked around and didn't see another soul on the road. That's it, I'm gonna throttle up.

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My Forrest Gump Day as a Motor Marshal

I'd seen the Tour de France on TV and noticed that they use motorcyclists for other miscellaneous duties. You probably know where this is headed.

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Bug Bits & Petrol Perfume

It's much easier to over-pack for a trip than to pack just enough. Why? Over-packing requires less thought and discipline -- just pile it in.

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Tetons at Night, Keep Your Focus

hot springs in Thermopolis

It was lovely, and that loveliness took my mind off the many things that could go wrong after dark, like all the big animals that could run out and clobber me, leaving me vulnerable to other dangers as I waited ten or fifteen minutes for another vehicle to come along.

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Guerilla Knitting at the Big Nickel

Admit it, now, doesn't every weathered sign pole deserve a pretty pink muffler? Especially one in Canada?

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Helmet Head, Gun Control, and News Churn

Tamela and her motorcycle helmet

When we motorcyclists say we've got "helmet head" it's understood that we're referring to our funky hair. I've come to a different definition of helmet head over time, though.

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A Bodega Bay Tabby Cat

In sauntered a tabby. I wondered if she had shrewdly sized me up as an animal lover or if she just assumed an air of chin-scratch entitlement with everyone.

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Native Burial Mounds

ariel view of the Newark Earthworks mound

Unlike the Egyptian pyramids or Stonehenge, which rise vertically, the Hopewells would have needed a means of flight to survey and appreciate their work.

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Tender Lovin’ Care from “Squirrel Man”

Squirrels at Brookgreen Gardens

What ensued was a moving story of what it’s like to foster a baby squirrel whose mother was killed by the family dog.

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A Throng of Sunflowers facing Mecca

field of sunflowers

Even if you're a high-tailer, when traveling through the state in the summer, you'll pass through acres of sunflowers. They act as a makeshift compass, since the green side of the flower faces west and yellow side faces east.

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