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The Power of Tribe

Battle Rock

Kevin Bacon's not the only one who's six degrees of separation from the other people in his tribe. We're all drawing closer together each day. Here's a story of how my tribe reached out to me from yesterday's story.

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Cocksure in Port Orford

Port Orford's Battle Rock

My "sea to shining sea" aspiration at Port Orford, Oregon: is this a case of no guts, no glory? or "pride goeth before a fall"?

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My Forrest Gump Day as a Motor Marshal

I'd seen the Tour de France on TV and noticed that they use motorcyclists for other miscellaneous duties. You probably know where this is headed.

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Coyotes and Snap Judgments

Just as we were loading out, the llama went into his guard mode, stamping and making a sound that I can't describe (but which you can hear on the podcast -- just hit the button). Coyote alert!

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The Illusion of Time

KOA office art

Everything switches into slow motion as I became a motorcycle centaur, leaning through the series of wide sweeping turns. Road magic trumps time.

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Reverb10, Day 27: Ordinary Joy

Prompt: Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

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Joining the Reverb10 Movement: Day 3

A friend of mine directed me to a thoughtful blog project for December called Reverb10. The idea is to look back on this year and manifest what you want in the coming one through daily writing prompts. I'm joining the fun at Day 3.

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Night Flight to Beautiful Bend and Beyond

An action packed week in Bend, Oregon with two TV appearances and an official role in the Cascade Cycling Classic.

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