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Winter Writing Retreat: Facilitating Author Creativity

Writers with their Mac's around the campfire

This month I facilitated a writers' retreat for a few mastermind clients who needed a block of time to focus on their books and some intermittent time with me.

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Reverb10, Day 28: Achieve

This year I want most to produce a book that people want to BUY. This differs from work-for-hire. People buying my book will reward me for my CREATIVITY as well as my craft. I often write about the role that my spiritual beliefs play in my life. One that Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way drove home to me is that God loves creatives because God is the Great Creator.

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Reverb10, Day 14: Appreciate

Prompt:  What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

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Low-Jargon Financial Blogs & Newsletters

I write blogs and newsletters for attorneys, advisors and accountants. These professionals often need to provide complex information without making their clients' eyes glaze over.

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September Book Lust

If you've read any of these, please write your thoughts/a review.  Here's what's on my radar.

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Corporate Bankruptcy Word Cloud

Here's a free word cloud maker:

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More Word Cloud Love

As a student of whole-brain communications I love a good word cloud. Here's one from today's presidential speech in Cairo.

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Visualizing the Mortgage Meltdown

This 10-minute video effectively encapsulates the mortgage bubble and subsequent financial meltdown. One thing struck me as funny, though, and that is how to depict "irresponsible homeowners" graphically. Mr. Jarvis chose to do it in contrast to the "responsible homeowners" who had one child and a dog. The irresponsible ones had a load of children, smoked cigarettes (or something) and no pets. I'm still running that through my politically correct filter.

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