Rowena Overlook of the Columbia River Gorge

Right after wrapping up at the AMA’s International Women in Motorcycling Conference I’ll head to Stevenson, Oregon for the 10th Annual Rally in the Gorge. I’ve got to make time from Nevada to Oregon because I’m presenting on the first morning of the rally with my friend and motorcycle tour operator Karen Thomson.

This Rally is actually four mini rallies: Sport Bike, Sport Touring, Dual Sport, and Maxi Scoot. I’ll spend most of my time with the dual sport crowd, where I look forward to riding hundreds of miles of scenic roads and discovering the places that can’t be reached without riding off pavement.

Motorcycle rally myth busting

Sadly, when people hear I’m going to a motorcycle rally, they envision a den of inequity and ask me if I’m going to get a tattoo. Sheesh.

Here’s what’s really going on, according to organizer Tom Mehren of Sound Rider.
Our national headliner speaker this year is Nick Ienatsch, who was with us in 2008. Nick’s forte, as most know, is in the sport bike field, but did you know he’s also a dual sport rider? And you may see him on an adventure bike during the rally because South Sound BMW has generously agreed to provide Nick with his choice of an S1000RR, R1200GSA, F800R or K1600GT.

Those are also the bikes South Sound will have available for you to test ride while you’re there. In addition, Cycle Barn is bringing a selection of Triumph, Piaggio and Zero motorcycles to be test ridden as well.

On a more local note, Mike Sullivan, a nationally known AMA rider, will join us to run a morning seminar on sport bike mods and then a clinic to help riders learn the finer aspects of hanging off on public roads. Mike wants you moving around on your bike as you ride, no matter where you are, and you’ll find out why during the rolling clinic.

There’s always some great off-road fun happening for the dual sport adventure riders. This year, Tim Bernard of Happy Trails will lead a ride/rolling clinic eastward Saturday, and those who join in will get to experience some challenging level two and three road surfaces. Several top instructors from PSSOR will also be offering their dual sport basics class.

We’re also pleased to announce that Sterling Noren will join us as a guest speaker and provide a special evening presentation about his long career as a moto documentary producer. Regardless of what kind of bike you ride, you’re sure to find Sterling’s adventures exciting as well as educational.

The always mind opening David Hough will return as a guest presenter. He’ll arrive hot on the heals of his latest book release, Proficient Motorcycling: Mastering the Ride 2nd Edition, which has been re-done from cover to cover. David, Nick and all other authors included this year will have a round table discussion on Thursday night.

We have a duo of women presenters who will be coming in fresh from the AMA Women in Motorcycling conference held the weekend before, outside of Reno, Nevada. Author Tamela Rich and tour operator Karen Thomson will provide a number of presentations as well as a morning coffee klatch Thursday.