Here’s a cool online simulator of texting while driving.text-drive It requires you to navigate toll gates (of the type you see on a toll road) while answering a text message and avoiding pedestrians. It comes with a disclaimer that you should never text and drive, no matter how well you score.

At the risk of sounding sociopathic, I wonder why texting and driving can’t be an acquired skill.

In July 2009 a new computer AAA Foundation released a new computer program designed to help Baby Boomers retrain their brains and delay the impact of aging.  Developed byPositScience, DriveSharp claims that using it 20 minutes a day 3+ times a week will:

  • Increase your useful field of view by 200%—see more in your peripheral vision
  • React faster to dangers—stop 22 feet sooner when traveling at 55 mph
  • Drive with greater confidence at night, in traffic, and in new places
  • Cut your risk of a car crash in half

The brain is capable of miraculous things.  Why not texting and driving?