Tamela and her motorcycle helmet

Three years ago this month, I took the first step to re-launching my life by signing up to take the Motorcycle Foundation Safety (MSF) class at my local community college. Here’s a video clip from that class.


People at all stages and walks of life get that stuck feeling  from time to time. Today I’m going to give you some advice based on my experience, and no, that advice is not “you should learn to ride a motorcycle.” Not at all. Every soul has its own calling.

Get quiet to hear the whisper

To hear your soul’s calling, you need some quiet time. If you can’t find any other time for this listening exercise, why not go out to your car on lunch hour?  I’ve done that plenty of times in my life. Just ask yourself what you want to do and no matter how wacky the answer, no matter how quiet the voice that whispers the answer, pay attention.

The 2010 calling of my soul was “You need to learn to ride a motorcycle, then you need to ride it to Oregon and back.” That was a very specific calling and I guess I needed to hear it loudly, clearly and frequently because it was so “out there.”  Your mileage may vary.

As soon as that calling spoke, a landslide of doubts started pouring in: What if you fall? How will you afford this? What kind of bike and helmet will you need? On and on.

I think our fear mechanism throws all those boulders in our path when we’re trying to stake a claim in a bold space. When you hear that voice, I encourage you just to take the first next step. Don’t get out ahead of yourself, and don’t let the landslide carry you away.  For me that was calling the community college to register for my MSF class.

When you’re doing the right thing, the world opens up to you and those boulders aren’t in your way any longer. I took my MSF class in a borrowed helmet and my tuition was paid by a friend. It all worked out.

So if you’re ready to blow away the cobwebs, listen the calling of your soul and just take the first next step. If you need some support, get in touch, okay?