My Kickstands DOWN party provided the perfect setting for part of this TV news story and my friend and co-rider, Anthony Proctor, got a plum role  in the video ferrying the reporter around. Have a look:

In April CBS ran a feature story on women motorcyclists citing a statistic that 23% of riders were  female. The Motorcycle Industry Council expanding on that theme:

In 1998, the ratio of women riders in the U.S. was only 8.2% but the ratio has risen to 9.6% in 2003 and to 12.3% in 2008. Even more significant, of about 2.5 million people who rode motorcycles in the U.S. in 2008, 23% or 5.75 million were women.

I wish the industry would come up with a better descriptor than “rider” because that doesn’t differentiate between those who OPERATE (or “drive”) the bike and those who sit on the pillion seat.