On the Road

These posts come from my travels and highlight the people, places, food and events that meant a lot to me. If any of them resonate with you, please comment!

Night Flight to Beautiful Bend and Beyond

An action packed week in Bend, Oregon with two TV appearances and an official role in the Cascade Cycling Classic.

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Meet the Conga Queen!

Flo Fuhr in 2012, Shell, WY

When I first floated the idea of going cross country on a motorcycle I didn't even have a motorcycle license. My family was, rightfully, concerned about my safety.

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Crossing the Mississippi, Entering the Plains

The Conga III magic continues from WI through MN and SD.  I'm proud to be a Conga III rider, a Facebook-facilitated motorcycle fundraiser benefiting breast cancer.

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Recap Wonderful Wisconsin

The closest I've ever come to Wisconsin is Laverne & Shirley.

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Recap from Chicago

I was surprised how easily I got from Valparaiso, IN to the BMW dealership in Chicago, where they did the bike's first service and installed a windshield.

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Day 3: Cincinnati to Valpo

From Cincinnati, OH to Valpraiso, IN, home of Indiana Grain. Stayed at the beautiful Aberdeen Inn.

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Day 2, a Great Beginning

My first day solo, riding through WV and KY. Adventures with the Kentucky Conga Line.

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Day 1, Recap

From Charlotte, NC to Beckley, WV the first leg of the trip surrounded by friends, family, supporters, and riders was a fantastic success.  Here are some video recaps of the day!

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Shiny Diner, Good Samaritan, Buckeye State

As a basketball-bellied man ambled out of the shop I said, "I bet you don't have any motorcycle helmets here, do you?" When he smiled, his eyes became slits like mine always do, "I bet you I do!"

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