I don’t often endorse or recommend products and services, but when I do you’ll find them here.

Product Review: LD Comfort

After hearing me interviewed on SideStand Up radio LD Comfort reached out and asked if I would  try their motorcycle undergarments. My brother, about whom I've written before and without whom I wouldn't be the rider I am today, loves their gear. I readily accepted the offer of a complimentary pair.

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Review: The Biker’s Guide to Business

Sure,  management consultant and avid motorcyclist Dwain DeVille could have delivered a book with lots of worksheets and case studies to walk a business owner through the difficult process of strategic planning. Thankfully he approached the subject from his own hard-won experience with entrepreneurial road rash and used motorcycling metaphors to keep our right brains engaged in the process.  He uses the straight talk and occasional cuss words that people seem to expect from bikers, too.

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Motorcycle Portraits for Conga Riders by Christina Shook

Attention Conga Riders! Polish your bike, fluff your feather boas and smile! Motorcycle photographer and author Christina Shook will immortalize you at a stunning location near Shell, Wyoming during the Conga IV rally.

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Gotta Watchit

PBS is airing a great series called Mind Over Money.

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Gotta Love footnoted.org

Financial pros and self-directed investors alike appreciate the work that Michelle Leder at footnoted.org does speaking truth about powerful businesses and the people they overpay to run them. Good to know someone's on the job ferreting out the things companies try to bury in their routine SEC filings.

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