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In addition to the best motorcycle roads in Appalachia, my guests will enjoy two bluegrass concerts

Appalachian Mountains and Music Motorcycle Tour with Wayne Henderson

There are lots of motorcycle “bucket list rides” in Appalachia, especially the Blue Ridge province. As a matter of fact Motorcycle Roads website ranks 30 of the top 100 motorcycling roads in America in the region.

Many of these top roads are in the Blue Ridge province where my Appalachian Mountains & Music Motorcycle Tour (AMMMT) is centered.

The AMMMT tour explores the most scenic and twisty roads in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and will give my guests a cultural appreciation for a region that is often misunderstood.

Two private concerts on the motorcycle tour

I booked two private bluegrass concerts for the tour, including one by the legendary picker Wayne Henderson. He played at Carnegie Hall, in three national tours of Masters of the Steel-String Guitar, and in seven nations in Asia.

Here’s a clip of Wayne Henderson and Helen White playing for Queen Elizabeth when she visited Virginia. I’m so happy they will be serenading us by the banks of the New River on our second night of the tour.

Download the full tour itinerary, pricing and terms here.




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  • James T. Harris

    Regarding the AMMMT, are motorcycle rentals available nearby? If so, where? Where should I fly into and out of from California?

  • Hi James! Yes, EagleRider is offering my guests 10% off rentals. You should fly into Washington DC (Dulles or Reagan). I will put you in touch with the agent who can set you up and get you on the road. Do you have my email in the itinerary?