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Why I’m Leaving Facebook

Do you find yourself growing weary of Facebook? Weary of the ever-changing privacy landscape? Yeah, me too. I’ve never hung out my shingle as a social media expert, but I am a member of Charlotte’s Social Media Club so that I can rub shoulders with those who are. Like a ... Read More »

“Involve Me, and I Will Understand”

statue of playing children

Since I’m an avid BMW motorcyclist now, I came across this video on a forum I belong to. Don’t dismiss it just because you’ve no interest in motorsports — there’s an important takeaway for professionals who want to connect at a deeper level with clients and prospects. Involve = Engage This ... Read More »

Case Study: My Social Media Road Trip

I had the opportunity to debrief the Business Sorority of NC on the vital role that social media played in my 2010 road trip. I used Twitter, Facebook Pages, Vimeo, Flickr, and my travel blog to: raise money for my expenses and  the National Breast Cancer Foundation get news stories in ... Read More »

Social Media: Ethics & Best Practices for Attorneys

Like financial professionals, attorneys bear the burden of using good sense and propriety online.  Would that everyone bore a similar burden! (but I digress). Friday morning I co-facilitated a continuing education seminar for the Mecklenburg County Bar on social media with Andy Ciordia and Ted Claypoole . The attorneys asked great ... Read More »

Presentation Note Taking

This morning I co-presented a workshop on social media for real estate agents with Andy Ciordia and Beth Griffiths.  The Broker In Charge asked us to provide the presentation in advance so that she could print it out for everyone to  take notes on. This is what people ask you ... Read More »

March Book Lust

Big news: I’m writing a book with Matt Davio called Tradeoffs: Leveraging the Longs & Shorts of Life. We’ll use the language and practices of those who trade for a living to frame life’s tradeoffs: time for money,  freedom for convention,  risk for reward, and money for goods and services. In ... Read More »

Sharing Deep, Sharing Wide

One of my clients called last week to say,  “I love your newsletter but I want your blog delivered to my email too.” No need. Every blog post for the preceding month is referenced in my monthly newsletter (along with some original content). Why do I do this?  My readers ... Read More »

End of Email?

Interesting article in WSJ about email’s younger, prettier communication sister: social media. For those not using Twitter, Facebook and other means of connecting with the outside world, this WSJ quote explains the difference between them and ye olde email: “We all still use email, of course. But email was better ... Read More »

How to Quench the New Media Thirst?

I've got street cred talking about adolescent boys -- mine are 17 and 20. So believe me, when it comes to technology, I'm like an adolescent boy learning how to deal with hormones; my ego swells and deflates according to the company I keep. Read More »

Regulatory Purgatory

How's a financial representative to compete with so many businesspeople in less-regulated professions who send e-newsletters and blog about their work? Read More »