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Why I’m Leaving Facebook

Do you find yourself growing weary of Facebook? Weary of the ever-changing privacy landscape? Yeah, me too. I’ve never hung out my shingle as a social media expert, but I am a member of Charlotte’s Social Media Club so that I can rub shoulders with those who are. Like a ... Read More »

2011 Summer Publicity & Social Media Intern Needed

This year’s trip I’ll be interviewing subjects for the book I’m writing as well as raising money for breast cancer causes. To those ends, I want to build followers for myself and the upcoming book. Based on last year’s experience, I foresee some specific roles the intern will play, but ... Read More »

“Involve Me, and I Will Understand”

statue of playing children

Since I’m an avid BMW motorcyclist now, I came across this video on a forum I belong to. Don’t dismiss it just because you’ve no interest in motorsports — there’s an important takeaway for professionals who want to connect at a deeper level with clients and prospects. Involve = Engage This ... Read More »

Reverb10 Day 7: Community

Prompt:  Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? Online community was the bounty of  both 2009 and 2010. In 2009 I met my co-author on Twitter and in 2010 I met dozens ... Read More »

Case Study: My Social Media Road Trip

I had the opportunity to debrief the Business Sorority of NC on the vital role that social media played in my 2010 road trip. I used Twitter, Facebook Pages, Vimeo, Flickr, and my travel blog to: raise money for my expenses and  the National Breast Cancer Foundation get news stories in ... Read More »

No Experience, No Motorcycle, No Money? No Problem!

In this series of four videos, I recap how I started, my experiences riding with a pink bra strapped across my windshield and what I'm planning for next year. Read More »

Recap Wonderful Wisconsin

The closest I’ve ever come to Wisconsin is Laverne & Shirley. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, Bethany Wise of Kenosha took a shine to my trip and invited me up to see the sights. She met me on her motorcycle at the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL and ... Read More »


Major developments for the road trip this month! The Charlotte Observer’s social media columnist, Eric Frazier, wrote about my trip and how I’m using social media to promote it and update followers along the way. He got the worldwide scoop on BMW Motorad’s involvement — they’re sponsoring me with a ... Read More »

C’mon, Caribou!

When I overlaid my travel route with the Caribou locations I found significant overlap and thought, "Hey, I can vblog interviews from Caribou shops as part of my road trip!" Here's a video of me with some random Caribou customers in Charlotte, NC Read More »

Social Media Regulations for the Financial Industry (finally)

Last week FINRA issued Regulatory Notice 10-06 to finally address how those it regulates can participate in social media. Anyone regulated by FINRA already knows this, and I’ve got nothing new to say about the notice. I do have some questions about linkedFA, a new service that purports to comply ... Read More »