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Visit Death Valley Now, the Desert is Blooming!

Death Valley 2016 in a rare super bloom?

POST UPDATE: With the National Park Service Centennial this year, the Park Service expects record crowds to all our parks, especially during summer vacation season. Death Valley is a park best visited before summer, as I explain in this TV interview. at the top of this post. Death Valley in “super bloom” …

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The Enchanted Highway

Enchanted Highway Catfish

Like so many of you, I was brought up not to lie. So while I’d like to say the best website in the world is mine, it’s not; it’s Roadside America. When you’re mapping out where to stop between points A and B, you’ve got to consult Roadside America.  If you …

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Lava Hot Springs and Risk Taking

Lava Hot Springs

I’ve often wondered who the first genius was who thought of soaking in a natural hot spring for medicinal purposes. Brave. I got my first chance to soak in a volcanic hot spring in a little town called Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. It’s located about 100 miles southwest of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where …

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Craters of the Moon

When you think of Idaho, I bet you don’t think of it being an inactive volcanic site, but that’s what it is. President Coolidge designated a large area in southern Idaho as a national monument, and called it Craters of the Moon, based on what people could see of the moon …

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Middle Aged Motorcycling Urges

Biker Bunnies with my bike in Lava Hot Springs

I remember the day I became an “Idaho Biker Bunny.” I was in line at a Wyoming Taco Bell with four other Conga riders from Idaho, whom I met in 2010 on my first road trip. They agreed to escort me from Cheyenne through their beautiful state all the way …

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Putting Myself in Time Out

My ever-patient friend and traveling companion, Jill

  If you aren’t listening to the podcast version of this story you are missing out on a treat. Sound effects and mood music plus lots more detail. TRY IT! One of my many failings is impatience. Yesterday I talked about repairing my gas tank cap with duct tape, and I promised …

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Ode to Duct Tape

I never appreciated the versatility of duct tape before I became a motorcyclist. Last weekend, at the dinner that followed a memorial service for one of my dearest friends’ father, I found myself recommending duct tape as a way to handle a big pan of leftovers. Duct tape for leftovers …

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Biker Talk 101

How to Talk to a Biker 101. I’m not one to rant, and I hope you won’t take this as such, but I’ve been on the receiving end of some comments that have not been, let’s say, thoughtfully prepared. Perhaps you have too. When I tell people that I ride …

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Live Like a Shepherd

If you read my book, Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer you’ve seen pictures of this shepherd wagon. I didn’t know what it was when I first saw it at Dirty Annie’s in Shell, Wyoming, but then learned that shepherds would live in these 7’x8′ abodes as they …

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It’s Never Too Late!

Shirly learned to ride a motorcycle in her 70's! Isn't she radiant?

Earlier this week I talked about relaunching your life and blowing out the cobwebs. If you think I was talking to someone younger than you, I’m going to introduce you to someone who will inspire you to think differently. Meet my friend Shirly, from southern Idaho. I met her in …

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