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Review: The Biker’s Guide to Business

Sure,  management consultant and avid motorcyclist Dwain DeVille could have delivered a book with lots of worksheets and case studies to walk a business owner through the difficult process of strategic planning. Thankfully he approached the subject from his own hard-won experience with entrepreneurial road rash and used motorcycling metaphors ...

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August Book Lust

I want to read (but haven't yet) these four books: The Myth of the Rational Market, The Ascent of Money, Guts: Combat, Hellraising, Cancer, Business Startups and Undying Love, and Habit. Please write a review or give me a thumbs up/down on these four if you read them already.

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Green Tax Code?

Thanks to The Atlantic’s July-August edition, I took a brief walk through the US political-environmental history of my adult life. For me, it started with President Carter’s much-derided “sweater address” to the nation, in which he suggested we lower our thermostats.  I recall vaguely the buzz about the White House’s ...

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Connecting the Dots

I'll be the featured speaker this month, talking about one of the things that gets under my skin: unsolicited newsletters. What makes so many people think that just because they have my email address I actually want their newsletters?

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