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Busted in New Brunswick

Jill gets into the Saint John, New Brunswick police car

Besides my family, I don’t often travel with others. When I do it’s usually with Jill, whom I frequently mention in my podcasts and blog posts. She lives in Ohio and I live in North Carolina, so we ride our motorcycles to a meeting spot, then tour a region together before going our …

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Life is on the Wire

I had remembered Niagara Falls from 1980 as a down-at-heel tourist trap, but in 2012 I found it to be a vibrant city full of international visitors. People were still buzzing about Nik Wallenda’s high wire crossing of the Falls from Goat Island (New York) to Table Rock (Ontario) the …

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Canadian Inukshuit

Motoring through cold drizzle between Ontario’s Georgian Bay and Sault Saint Marie, the stacked stone monuments that dotted the roadside cliffs intrigued me. Many of them resembled human figures, and although I had no idea of their significance, they gave me the sense that I was part of an infinite …

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PIMCO’s Ring of Fire

Scroll down for writing prompts, bloggers & newsletter writers. In my occasional series of publicly (and respectfully) editing business writing, this time I offer unsolicited advice to PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm, which publishes respected and widely-read newsletters. Today I read  The Ring of Fire, written Mr William …

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Editing the Fed

I’ve been so bold as to edit Prince Charles and the pope, so why not the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank? Consider the Fed’s analysis of Canadian vs. American housing and lending trends. Why Canada might be “a country that got things right” The report led off well enough: Housing markets …

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