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Hit the Road: A Woman's Guide to Solo Motorcycle Touring

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While you wait, go ahead and take the Traveler Type Quiz. It will give you two scores, the first for what’s important to you while traveling:

  • Altruists derive joy from serving others—at home as well as during their travels
  • Cultural travelers enjoy arts and music festivals, gallery crawls and art museums
  • Scholarly travelers enjoy learning about the world around them: cultures, history, flora and fauna, geology, and so forth
  • Foodie travelers prioritize food and beverage experiences and tend to have experimental palates
  • Nature travelers want plenty of time to explore the natural world
  • Social travelers crave spending time with and meeting new people

A second score will place you on three continuums for how you like to travel:

  • Luxury or Budget Minded
  • Cautious or Adventurer
  • Structured or Flexible