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Is it a Slogan or a Key Message?

In the continuing discussion of key messages in your business writing, here's a quick example of how a slogan can reflect underlying key messages.

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Key Messages that Resonate

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Argh! Piracy in the Newsletter

engraving of Blackbeard

Perhaps you don't even realize you're a pirate. Most people committing acts of piracy don't realize they're stealing.

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Next Q: Online/Offline

Continuing the series of Q&A: What goes online and in print varies from a person to person and must align with industry norms. For example, when I ran an environmental contracting business my market was general contractors with public-bid jobs. Contractors are low-tech, and expect bids to be FAXED, not emailed. Most of them have Yahoo or Hotmail accounts and a LIGHT web presence if any.

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Branding and Emotions

As reviewed online by Ivan Misner,”…when you know how to use design as a complete strategy, starting with the ideal

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