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Three Things Business Authors Should Learn From Celebrity Autobiographies

Sitting in the Booth Playhouse I found myself squirming at times, wiping away tears at others and often feeling ashamed of the ghost writers who were behind the work being read. For a taste of the brilliance I included a video at the bottom of the page.

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Books are Marathons, Articles are Sprints. Sprint First

My stream of inquiries has picked up lately from business professionals who want me to ghost write their books.  YEAH!

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Don’t Be So Punny

daily show logo

This Daily Show segment, while aimed at news shows, rings true for business communicators, too.

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Argh! Piracy in the Newsletter

engraving of Blackbeard

Perhaps you don't even realize you're a pirate. Most people committing acts of piracy don't realize they're stealing.

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Social Media: Ethics & Best Practices for Attorneys

Like financial professionals, attorneys bear the burden of using good sense and propriety online.  Would that everyone bore a similar burden! (but I digress).

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Presentation Note Taking

This morning I co-presented a workshop on social media for real estate agents with Andy Ciordia and Beth Griffiths.  The Broker In Charge asked us to provide the presentation in advance so that she could print it out for everyone to  take notes on.

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You’re Only Fooling Yourself

Last week, under the presumption of sending me St. Patrick's Day greetings, I got this from a life insurance agent who likes to pose as a financial advisor...This kind of crappy communications gives the insurance sector a black eye.

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Home Office Design Tips — From a Financial Advisor?

With financial reform and the worldwide economic meltdown on most everyone’s mind, sending a newsletter with fluff like this makes me question whether this advisor is in the loop or out to lunch. C’mon, talk to me about something you’re a credentialed expert in!

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Where’s the News in Your Newsletter?

My inbox is clogged with so-called newsletters from people who must have made a resolution to "communicate more" or "do more marketing" in 2010.

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Six Shortcuts to a Knee Whack

We all love shortcuts, but sometimes they backfire.

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