This free download makes your first camping trip super easy

Camping For Beginners with Kids: Free Download

This free download makes your first camping trip super easy
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If you’ve never gone camping with your family, you need answers to these three questions:

  1. WHAT equipment do you need?
  2. WHERE should you camp?
  3. WHAT can you do with the kids once you get there?

My free download: Camping for Beginners” will help.

I eased into camping with one of my sons as a Cub Scout, where there were plenty of experienced folks to lead the way. Now, whenever I’m on a long tour I always pack camping gear. I love it!

How much camping gear do you need?

If you don’t have a Cub Scout Leader to show you the ropes, you might ask an expert at one of the big box stores. Your encounter with a nice salesperson who has “done it all” can lead you to compile a big list of things you must have to enjoy a weekend in the great outdoors.

Please, before you part with hard-earned cash, ask yourself, “Do I really want to invest this kind of money in equipment before I know whether we will enjoy it?”

Start by camping in your own backyard

The answer is, “NO!”  As I told the hosts of NBC Charlotte’s “Charlotte Today” I recommend a backyard campout with a homemade fort (unless you can borrow a tent from someone).

Move up to camping cabins

As I said in my interview with WBTV (below), there are several categories of camping cabins. Some are simple structures with beds that you can use with sleeping bags or sheets and blankets. Others fall into the category of “glamping” (glamour camping) with kitchens, cable TV, and your own kitchen and bath.

Free download spells out lots of options

Download “Camping for Beginners,”which includes:

1. How and where to find a great campsite or campground

2. What to do while camping, including games and activities

3. Minimal packing list (for camping anywhere except your own backyard)


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