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Presentation development and speech writing

The heart of a memorable speech or presentation is the message itself. If your message is unfocused or meanders its way to the point, your presentation will fail, no matter how authentically it’s delivered.

I’ll help you crystallize the key messages of your presentation then hone your talking points or script to those key messages.

My own experience touring the country as an author, speaker, TEDx and Pecha Kucha presenter has been valuable in both preparing the formal remarks and staying focused on key messages during Q&A sessions. I know what it takes to “stand and deliver.”

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I don’t write blog posts, but I do write long-form articles and white papers. My clients include CEOs of publicly-traded companies who’ve been published in the “big name magazines” and those who aspire to be. Let’s talk about your project. 

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Business communications are my speciality.

The seeds of my ghostwriting career were planted at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 1999.

Working with teammates on cases involving every aspect of business, we found that no matter how brilliant the underlying analysis or insightful the recommendations, our collective grade hinged on a compelling and well-written report.

Although my teammates changed from time to time, my reputation for writing “A+ reports” meant I was the go-to person who seamlessly knit together the team’s disparate voices.”