What apps will help you find a clean bathroom?

I had a great time in April with my “Ask Me Anything” teleseminar. Questions ranged from how to find clean restrooms to how to travel with pets and inlaws.

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The podcast attached to the top of this post captures two of the more lively segments from the session: how to find clean restrooms and the best welcome centers.

Inquiring minds want to know about restrooms and travel plazas

We all want to find clean restrooms, so here’s a secret: don’t limit your possibilities to gas stations and fast food joints. Hotels always have clean restrooms near the front lobby.

Don’t worry, they won’t stop to ask if you’re a registered guest. That said, the restrooms usually have only one toilet for men and another one for women, so don’t take all the kids in at once and draw attention to what you’re doing. Pace your party.

Apps for finding clean restrooms are in this blog, and come with great names: Sit or Squat, Whizzer and Diaroogle.

I can’t vouch for any of them personally, but plenty of moms traveling with kids have. If you end up using any of the apps, please let me know your experience.

About those welcome centers and travel plazas: they’re a great way to collect brochures that will entertain the kids and involve them in the trip. I talked about letting kids have a say in travel planning in this TV appearance.

Welcome centers and travel plazas/truck stops mentioned in the “Ask Me Anything” teleseminar

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I’ll be back with more from my Ask Me Anything teleseminar soon. If you would like to listen to the entire segment and get all the resources covered in the seminar, simply ask me by hitting this link.