When you finish looking at the pictures and videos you’ll know why Idaho is my favorite state.

It begins with the company I kept

Traveling with four Idaho Conga riders, we picked up the name “Biker Bunnies” at a lunch stop in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  As with every stop we made, the pink bras on our bikes attracted people who wanted to snap pictures — we Conga riders were quite a sight! The bras also prompted people to talk about how cancer had affected them, or those they love.  “Biker Bunnies” tripped from the lips of a retired man whose wife admitted she’d always daydreamed about riding a motorcycle. Perhaps we’ll see her next year as a fellow rider.

The Idaho Biker Bunnies  all rode Harleys and included Shirly and Pam on trikes, Carrie on a Soft Tail and Joann on a Sportster.

One of the Conga founders,  a Canadian named Flo Fuhr, told me something that I took to heart. “Tam, the people who ride with you are doing it because they want to take care of you. Let them do that — let them take care of you.” And take care of me, they did, letting me ride “in the cradle“ instead of up front or sweeper. Joann and Carrie took me into their homes, and they, along with Pam,  included me in their vacation plans.

Five  days of awesome adventures

I’ve never been to natural hot springs and the American west is full of them.

Lava Hot Springs is just a pull-through off the highway in Idaho. You can see how close it is to the highway when a truck passes by.

The town established a complex for visitors to enjoy and a local vendor does a brisk trade renting tubes to use floating down the lazy river.

Great spot for the road-weary traveler (me!) or those in need of a restorative medical treatment.  More videos of Lava Hot Springs.

Then there’s  Shoshone Falls

The Snake River, spanned by the Perrine Bridge, and made famous in the 70’s by Evil Knievel, is also home of “Niagara of the West.” Shoshone Falls has my vote for beauty over Niagara because the local town has not been overly commercialized. You could spend a day there in meditation virtually undisturbed.

The Snake River is spanned by the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID. When I crossed it in the normal course of traffic, I had no earthly idea there was such a deep canyon below. This place took my breath away.

Loved the  Sawtooths for the beauty and the twisties

Coming from the east coast and the Blue Ride Mountain area, seeing mountains just rise out of the plains is startling.

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Whenever I see something in nature this awesome, it reminds me how minuscule I am in the scheme of things.  Other videos of Craters of the Moon here.