man in a library reading "the ultimate book on leadership"

I’m forming a new mastermind for non-fiction authors beginning April 11, 2013. Download this PDF with all the details

If you’ve been saying “I need help writing my book,” this mastermind group might be just what you need to move the book out of your head and into readers’ hands. You could have a template for your book by Memorial Day!

Working with five other business professionals and led by yours truly, here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  • Defined business goals for your book.
  • An Ideal Reader Profile and set of Reader Objectives.
  • Key Messages, Themes and a “Voice” for your book.
  • A “Goldilocks Chapter” of your book, which is a template/sample chapter that’s not too long, not too short; not too complex, not to simple.
  • A detailed table of contents with which to begin writing the book by yourself or in collaboration with a professional writer.
  • A primer on copyright concerns.
  • Sufficient information necessary to:
    • Decide whether to seek a publisher or to publish independently.
    • Choose your book’s format and distribution channel(s).
    • Begin developing a marketing strategy for your book that could begin before the book is finished.
    • Hire a team of professionals to help you finish your book, if necessary.

I’m forming a new mastermind beginning April 25, 2013. Download this PDF with all the details.


What is a “mastermind,” anyway?

Napoleon Hill, who studied success and wrote Think and Grow Rich in 1937 (which still sells millions of copies) originally championed the mastermind principle.

He said, the mastermind is two or more people working in harmony for a defined purpose. It’s the means through which you can borrow and use the education, experience, influence and possibly capital (I would add “including social capital”) of other people in carrying out your own goals in life. It allows you to accomplish more in a year than you could achieve by yourself.

Who will be in my mastermind group?

Current mastermind clients include the CEO of a marketing agency, a medical doctor, business consultants and advisors, the CEO of a non-profit organization, a healthcare administrator, the head of a foundation, and the regional manager of a mortgage bank. I am forming a new group in April, 2013 of similar professionals.

Is this a writing class?

No, the mastermind is not focused on spelling, punctuation and the dozens of other skills that can be hired. The mastermind’s focus is producing a book that will resonate with your ideal reader. Like the proverbial tree that falls in the woods with no one to hear it, you don’t want to waste your time writing a book that no one will read.

What if I want to start with something smaller than a book?

The mastermind process will set you down the right path for a smaller project.

  • The TOC can be your editorial calendar for series of blog articles or newsletters throughout the year.
  • You will have a full chapter that you could turn into an ebook to download.
  • Your full chapter can become a seminar or presentation.
  • Carry your key messages throughout your annual communications.