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Headed out on a winter road trip? I can help.

Download Winter Travel TipsIn 2015 I made 30+ TV appearances, giving tips on where to go, how to get there, and how to make it kid-friendly. Here are some of my best tips for planning a trip and keeping the kids from whining and complaining that “he’s touching me” and “she’s looking at me.”

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Back seat activities for kids on a road trip

Let’s start with keeping the kids entertained without “plugging them in.” Start with the tips I shared with Fox 46’s Good Day Charlotte (hint: aluminum foil).

Car games, like 먹튀사이트, rock!

If you never played the 50-state license plate game or Car BINGO here’s your chance to become a kid again.

Okay, this one isn’t for the “back seat” but worth including. Have a blast staging family snapshots with roadside attractions and monuments. Dress them in your scarves and hats  for even more fun. When you get home, make a collage for the refrigerator of your escapades.

Pack the car with lots of leg room

Cramped cars make for cranky kids. When you pack light and pack right, you’ll have much less whining and much more fun on your holiday road trips. Here’s how to PACK LIGHT:

  • Choose a wardrobe that only requires one pair of shoes
  • If you must bring boots, wear them as them as you travel instead of packing them in the suitcase; you’ll have more room in the suitcase
  • Leave the hair dryer and other appliances at home
  • Pack interchangeable wardrobe pieces: every top should match every bottom
  • Don’t travel with more diapers than you’ll use on the trip. Ship ahead or buy when you arrive
  • Ship bulky items like winter sports gear ahead to your destination
  • Give everyone the same size suitcase. Whatever doesn’t fit stays at home
  • Ditch the hard-shelled luggage in favor of duffle bags or even trash bags to maximize space

After all, “Pack Light” is part of my motto (Pack Light. Travel Slow. Connect Deep.

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