Plenty to do in the Bay of Fundy, solo travelers always welcomed

March 1 was Plan a Solo Vacation Day. I don’t know who’s in charge of this designation, but it works for me and WBTV’s Kristen Miranda (video interview above and here).

Facing your fears

I’ve traveled across the United States and Canada on my motorcycle—always on my own itinerary, often unaccompanied. I’ve learned a great deal about myself, the natural world, history and cultures along the way.

The most frequent question I’m asked is about traveling alone is, “Aren’t you afraid?” and the honest answer is that a few things have scared me on my travels, but heck, fear is a part of life.

For every fearful moment I’ve had as a solo traveler, I’ve had 50,000 moments of joy. For every person I’ve met who scared me, I’ve met 129,000 people who’ve brightened my day.

The odds are stacked in your favor, friends. Get out there!

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Solo travel statistics

The stereotype of a solo traveler is the teen or twenty-something backpacking through Europe or taking a gap year between university and grad school. Most of us missed that window of opportunity.

Backpacker stereotypes aside, AARP sheds some light on solo travel trends in a recent report that showed:

  • 53% of solo travelers are married and 39% are single/divorced
  • On average, solo travelers have taken four solo trips
  • 81% were extremely satisfied with their solo trips and are likely to take another solo trip in the next 12 months

Get your feet wet as a solo traveler with a road trip

A road trip is the perfect way to experience solo travel. We live in a big, beautiful country with a great deal to explore. Bonus considerations: you already know the language and you don’t have to learn to drive on the “other” side of the road!

If you’re thinking of hitting the open road on a solo excursion, please join me for this free teleseminar, “Ask Me Anything about Planning a Road Trip.”