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Self-Publishing: Book Prototype for Publicity and Advance Sales

So far we’ve talked about the need to hire a book designer and editor. I took the step of developing a prototype for Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer.  Mine is in a PDF and included the cover, introduction and first chapter, but you could include ... Read More »

Sharing Deep, Sharing Wide

One of my clients called last week to say,  “I love your newsletter but I want your blog delivered to my email too.” No need. Every blog post for the preceding month is referenced in my monthly newsletter (along with some original content). Why do I do this?  My readers ... Read More »

Working with a Ghostwriter

Used to be the word “ghostwriter” conjured images of a wily hack with a battered Olivetti sitting at a Hollywood swimming pool coaxing confidences from a star. Lately the word has gotten traction in the music world (evidently lots of rappers use them). Politicians have always used ghosts — a ... Read More »

End of Email?

Interesting article in WSJ about email’s younger, prettier communication sister: social media. For those not using Twitter, Facebook and other means of connecting with the outside world, this WSJ quote explains the difference between them and ye olde email: “We all still use email, of course. But email was better ... Read More »

How to Quench the New Media Thirst?

I've got street cred talking about adolescent boys -- mine are 17 and 20. So believe me, when it comes to technology, I'm like an adolescent boy learning how to deal with hormones; my ego swells and deflates according to the company I keep. Read More »

Laryngitis, LinkedIn and Me

More correctly put, I whispered my way through it. Laryngitis. It helped that people wanted to know about CAN-SPAM compliance -- audience members shushed each other so they could hear me croak away. Read More »

LinkedIn Answer on Business Planning

I have a download of right-brained business planning exercises for free download at my website. Also, on the homepage is a PPT of a presentation I gave on the topic. Read More »