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Connecting Deep: Life Lessons from Dolphins

Life lessons from dolphins

Matt and I spent the week of Christmas in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. The weather obliged, offering mostly-sunny skies and weather in the high 70’s. We strolled the beach, rode bikes, read, and talked about our lives; all the things I classify as “Connect Deep.” Where are the dolphins? We remarked …

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Busted in New Brunswick

Jill gets into the Saint John, New Brunswick police car

Besides my family, I don’t often travel with others. When I do it’s usually with Jill, whom I frequently mention in my podcasts and blog posts. She lives in Ohio and I live in North Carolina, so we ride our motorcycles to a meeting spot, then tour a region together before going our …

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Six Ways to Respond when Someone Says, “I Have Cancer”

Knowing what to say when someone reveals a scary diagnosis will help you both. Here are six tips

Everyone knows someone with cancer or another life-threatening illness, but few of us know how to talk about it.  Researching my book, Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer, I interviewed more than 100 people who have faced one of life’s ultimate sinkholes. They told me stories about …

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The Banjo and Unlearning

One of the many cases with priceless banjos

When you’re young, life is all about learning: to walk, to use the potty, to drive a car, and to fill out complicated income tax forms. But this summer, it occurred to me that perhaps I’ve reached the point  in life that UNlearning is more important. Here’s what I mean. As …

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Learning to Listen

I joined a group of American and Canadian women motorcyclists who decorated their bikes in pink swag and raised money for breast cancer, because I was looking for a good cause. Little did I know that driving a pink-decorated motorcycle would encourage those touched by cancer to share their experiences as I stopped …

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Who’s Sitting on Your Shoulder?

“Whatever you do, don’t ride in big city traffic during rush hour,” said my naysayer and Jiminy Cricket wannabe. He had never ridden a motorcycle in his life, but that didn’t stop the flow of advice. Life is full of people who know best for us, eh? They can really get …

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The Reset Button

What might look like stepping out into nowhere to one might look like a leap of faith to another. Take a leap and watch what happens!

Welcome to 2013. New Year’s Day is a great day for pushing your life’s reset button and I appreciate your letting me be a part of that with you. If you’re joining on a different day, my message is still timely. After all, life is full of reset points. Winning …

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My Gift to You for 2013: Life Lessons from the Road

I’ve been fortunate to crisscross the United State and parts of Canada on my motorcycle three times. I enjoyed sharing stories from the road with my newsletter subscribers, who often tell me about this story or that one when we meet in person. This one is a favorite: Pulling into the …

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Insider View of Self-Publishing

After writing about how to roll blog posts, newsletters and articles into books, self publishing, writing book proposals and what a book can do for you professionally, I invite you to walk with me down the path of self-publishing a book of my own. Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced …

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